The Parrot Place - Kerikeri

The Parrot Place is home to approximately 300 parrots from all around the world. They also have an onsite shop filled with pet supplies and sell hand reared parrots (as well as aviary bred). Today we purchased a hand reared cockatiel from The Parrot Place. This had been in the pipeline for a while and definitely wasn't a decision that we made on the spot today. If you're considering adding a parrot to your family I highly recommend paying a bit more for a hand reared bird. A hand reared bird is so much quieter and easier to tame. 

Apart from taking home Olla (our baby cockatiel as named by our one year old), my personal highlight was taking up the opportunity to hold a baby blue and gold macaw. You can have your photo taken with one of the macaws for a dollar. Only $1! The Parrot Place are currently in the process of fundraising to enable them to rebuild their large walk through aviary, which is going to cost about ten thousand dollars. Having your photo taken with one of their beautiful birds for such a small price is one way you can help them work towards achieving their goal. 

Throughout the subtropical gardens you'll meet a wide variety of parrots - both native and exotic. Lots of the birds are in large individual aviaries to keep them separated from different species. All of their birds are extremely well looked after and the odd one will even talk to you. One parrot in particular will repeatedly ask for a scratch. 

At the shop you can also purchase food to fed the parrots with. You'll pay $2 for a small container and $4 for a larger container. We went with the $4 option. Each container has a mix of seeds and nuts that are safe to feed any of the birds. 

There are also walk through enclosures that allow you to get up close and personal to cockatiels, ring necks, as well as other more exotic parrots. 

There's also a resident turtle that you'll meet along the way. 

Right at the end of the park you will come to a large wooden play ground and a picnic area. Ice creams can be purchased from the shop at the front. If your children are anything like our little boy, this will be the first thing they notice when they walk through the store. We finished our visit to The Parrot Place off with a play on the playground together and a choc bar - the perfect end to our day in Kerikeri.

A visit to The Parrot Place will cost you $10.00 per adult and $5.00 per child. We didn't pay any entry fee for our one year old. Their opening hours are 10.00 am to 4.00 pm Tuesday - Sunday. They are open on Mondays over the summer holidays and during public holidays. 

Olla has already settled in well to her new home. Our little tot has been practising his fairy sized pats with one finger and saying, "shhh.." because we've reminded him that we all need to talk quietly around Olla.

The Parrot Place is the perfect tourist attraction for the whole family and is great value for money. We will definitely be back to visit again.

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