My Little Journal - March 2017

I can't believe that it's April already. A couple more weeks and it will be my 30th birthday too. I haven't put much thought into what I'm going to do to celebrate, but I'm sure I'll think of something. March has been filled with lots of simple, every day adventures between working four days a week. Here's what else we got up to...

Favourite Adventures and Activities 

My little tot is loving being outside exploring, riding his bike, painting pictures, water play, spending time with our dog and playing on playgrounds. We've had lots of trips to the beach because even though it's March, it's still been really warm. He also loves going to Mainly Music and seeing his little friends. We also have a new love for the Mitre 10 cafe and playground, where we've had a few fluffy dates. Peppa Pig has become his new favourite TV programme. He loves cuddling up underneath a blanket and watching it in the morning with us, while he has his bottle. 

New Learning 

Our little tot is learning to put sentences together (anything between 2-4 words at the moment). Yesterday was one of my favourite sentences. He was sitting on the couch watching Peppa Pig and said, "No Daddy, Mummy sit" while he tried to push Dad off the couch haha. He's also learnt how to do puppy kisses! 

Three Things I'm Grateful For

Being able to celebrate something special with my grandparents this month (see below), having every Wednesday off to spend with my little bear and that we've had such beautiful weather in March.  

Something We Celebrated 

This month we celebrated my Nana and Poppa's birthdays. We also celebrated my other grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary. On St Patrick's Day we celebrated with a green themed dinner, instead of going out drinking - how times change. 

Me Time 

I've made time to do a bit more blogging this month. I also went to the Fritter Festival with friends, which was a really good day out. I also caught up with a friend at Quail Cafe in the Quarry Gardens. 

Our Date Day or Night 

I actually don't think that we managed to have one this month. Will have to make time for this next month. We wrote down ideas for a date jar at the start of the year so I think we need to start using that. 

Family Time 

This month we've had beach trips together, took our little tot out to dinner for the first time (Parua Bay Tavern), have had fluffy dates at Mitre 10 and went to a school gala. Our little boy was SO excited about seeing so many boats from our dinner table. He kept saying, "boat! boat! boat!" all the time and loved his dinner - especially the chips. 

A Quote For March 

As soon as I saw you I knew that an adventure was going to happen - Winnie the Pooh

A Goal For Next Month 

To make sure that we make time for a date night. I also want to pull everything out of my garden and replant it. 

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