Butterfly Creek

To celebrate our little bear's first birthday we took him to Butterfly Creek in Auckland. Here you'll find a tropical butterfly house, monkeys, salt water crocodiles, alligators, a small aquarium, Buttermilk Farm, lots of insects and Dinosaur Kingdom. You can choose to visit all of these areas at Butterfly Creek or only visit a couple. We opted for Option 4, which included all of the animals and Dinosaur Kingdom. We also bought train tickets (these aren't included in any of the four options and are an additional cost). For access to all areas and one train ride it costs $30 per adult and $19 for children aged 3-15 years old. Children under three years of age are free. It is more expensive than a trip to the zoo, but we felt that it was worth it for a special treat. For full pricing details and opening hours you can visit their website here. 

Here is a little bit of information about the different areas at Butterfly Creek. 

Tropical Butterfly House and Monkeys 

The tropical butterfly house at Butterfly Creek is one of the biggest tropical butterfly houses in New Zealand. As you walk through the butterfly house you'll get to experience a large variety of tropical butterflies fluttering around you. Some of the butterflies will even land on you.

At the end of the walk through the butterfly house you will come to a purpose built enclosure for a bunch of very cute Cotton-top Tamarin monkeys. If you time it right you may even get to see them being fed.

Butterfly Creek Aquarium 

In the aquarium you little one will be able to observe a wide range of tropical, fresh-water and marine fish, including Nemo. My little boy loves fish so this was one of his favourite areas. We didn't take any photos here unfortunately.

Crocodiles and Other Smaller Reptiles 

Come and meet Scar and Goldie - two huge Australian Saltwater crocodiles that were relocated from Australia in 2009. My little boy was fascinated by the crocs and enjoyed looking through the glass window into their enclosure. Other reptiles you will find around Butterfly Creek include the Inland Beared Dragon, Blue Tongue Lizard, Leopard Geckos, Water Dragons, Turtles and young Alligators.

Bugs, Bugs and More BUGS! 

This area will appeal to the little mini-beast enthusiast in your family. In Bugs About you will discover everything from wetas, cockroaches to locusts and lots of other insects. Not interested in bugs? Luckily there are also some frogs to visit too.

Buttermilk Farm 

This was our favourite attraction at Butterfly Creek. The farm area is a really interactive area, where you can get up close and hand feed a lot of the animals. 50c was a small price to pay for a feed bag to hand feed the goats and sheep. Watch out for those cheeky goats though because they will try to steal the whole bag. One of the goats ended up snacking on our brown paper bag for lunch.

  There are also opportunities to pat bunnies and guinea pigs. Other animals at Buttermilk Farm include: alpacas, sheep, pigs, goats, chickens, ducks, mice, rats and Charlie the cockatoo.

The train around Butterfly Creek departs every hour during week days and every half hour over the weekend, as well as during holidays. This was definitely worth the extra couple of dollars. For further information on the train rides and animal encounters please visit their website page here

Dinosaur Kingdom

Last, but definitely not least we for a walk through Dinosaur Kingdom. This is a new attraction at Butterfly Creek and is amazing (especially for older children). It features more than sixty life sized dinosaurs, displays or fossils and skeletons. Lots of fun photo opportunities for the kids! 

 It was the perfect attraction to visit for our little bear's first birthday as it was toddler friendly and very interactive even for very young children. We loved our first trip to Butterfly Creek and can't wait to take our little boy back to visit again now that he's a bit older. Maybe something to put on the school holiday list of adventures to have. 

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