Lunch Boxes for Tots

As a working mum I'm always looking for new, exciting lunch box ideas. Here are some of our favourite lunch box ideas, including a few of our lunch box staples too. 

Lunch Box One 

The Collective Straight Up natural probiotic blueberry yoghurt, topped with raw chia seed jam and fresh strawberries from the markets. 
Chopped kiwifruit and tangelo
Roast kumara, baby spinach and feta frittata
Wholemeal pita bread with mashed avocado and cheese
Leftover roast kumara pieces
Greek yoghurt in the middle for dipping.

Lunch Box Two

Greek yoghurt with raspberries and passionfruit
Apricot and strawberry pieces
Egg sushi
Peanut butter sandwiches
A mini salad - lettuce, cherry tomatoes, orange capsicum and cheese. 

Lunch Box Three

Raspberry and chocolate mini muffins
Luisa plum
Pics peanut butter sandwiches
Blueberry yoghurt with chia seeds

Lunch Box Four

Garlic flavoured pita bread filled with basil pesto
A homemade chocolate chip cookie
Tangelo and blueberries
Stir fried rice with vegetables and flavoured tofu
Strawberry yoghurt

Lunch Box Five

Berry and chocolate chia seed pudding
Homemade scone with chia seed jam
Mini pasta salad
Blueberries and nectarine
Grated cheese

Lunch Box Six

Yellow capsicum and cucumber sticks
Hummus with pesto for dipping
Brown rice crackers
Greek yoghurt with raspberries and a couple of drops of vanilla extract
Banana and nectarine

 Visit our lunch box page for lots more lunch box inspiration for kids. 

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