Meals for Tots: Rainbow Salad Platter and Tropical Mash

I'm trying to encourage my little boy to eat a wider variety of salad vegetables so tonight I made up a rainbow salad platter. The idea was that it would include some of his favourite foods: blueberries, cheese and apple, but also reintroduce him to some other foods e.g. carrot, tomato and cucumber.

To make the tropical mash boil a couple of orange kumara until tender. Mash the kumara with a small amount of butter and milk. Add in some crushed pineapple (drained) and grated cheese. Mix together until combined. This is a favourite of mine. 

I also added some canned baked beans. Since I discovered just how much sugar is in these I now try to make my own. It also means that I can make a larger batch and pop some in the freezer for a different night. Here's my recipe here if you would like to try to make your own too. It also includes chickpeas. 

Bon appetit x 

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