Meals for Toddlers: Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli, Served with a Greek Salad

I often keep a packet of ready made ravioli in the fridge, as well as a pasta sauce for those nights when I'm running a bit late and need to get dinner on the table quickly. There's a wide range of ready made pastas that you can purchase from New World in the deli section, in the fridge. Their pasta sauces are super yummy too. Not as healthy as we'd normally have, but I figure it's still better than buying Mc Donalds on the way home. It only takes a few minutes to cook, then you add the pasta sauce as well as a sprinkle of parmesan and you have a meal! The sauce we used was a tomato, red onion and garlic sauce tonight. 

I served our spinach and ricotta pasta up with a simple, toddler friendly Greek salad - tomato, cucumber, sliced grapes (instead of olives) and feta. A favourite in our house at the moment is halloumi so there's also a few pieces of that, that I cooked in a little bit of olive oil in the pan. 

Bon appetit x 

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