Lunch for Tots: Roast Kumara, Baby Spinach and Feta Frittata with Avocado Pita Pockets

Mini frittata made in muffin tins are perfect to freeze, ready to pull out for later in the week. You can throw anything in a frittata. Today our muffin tin frittata has roast kumara, baby spinach and feta. Pita bread is another favourite at the moment. Today's simple pita bread fillings are avocado and cheese - a toddler friendly combination of flavours. 

Today's lunch for my little tot: 

The Collective Straight Up blueberry yoghurt, topped with raw chia seed jam and fresh strawberries 
Chopped kiwifruit and tangelo
Roast kumara, baby spinach and feta frittata
Wholemeal pita bread with mashed avocado and cheese
Leftover roast kumara pieces
Greek yoghurt in the middle for dipping.

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