Lunch for Tots: Banana and Blueberry Smoothie & Mini Banana Cakes Topped with Mascarpone and Cinnamon

Smoothies are a fun way to sneak extra fruit or vegetables into your child's lunch. Today I whipped up a simple banana and blueberry smoothie using coconut milk, natural yoghurt, banana and blueberries. I then popped it into a Kai Carrier so that my little one could drink it without too much hassle at lunch time. If you're looking for another healthy treat then you need to try the mini banana cakes from the Petite Kitchen recipe book. They're so yummy! 

Today's lunch for my little tot: 

Banana and blueberry smoothie in the Kai Carrier
 Juicy, fresh peach slices
 Mini banana cakes with mascarpone and cinnamon on top (Petite Kitchen recipe)
Pics peanut butter and chia seed 'sandwiches' using rice crackers

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