Meal Ideas for Tots

Today I thought I'd share eight of our favourite toddler meals. In here you'll find a mix of creative, but simple ideas for your toddlers lunch and dinner. At the bottom of the post there's a link to all of our other meals, as well as lots lunchbox ideas. 

Tot Meal One: Sausages with a Raw Beetroot, Carrot and Mint Salad

Beetroot, carrot and mint salad
Mashed potato
Sausages and no-mato sauce 

Tot Meal Two: Spiralised Beetroot, Carrot and Courgette 'Pasta'

Char grilled capsicum and halloumi 
Vegetarian 'pasta' - spiralised beetroot, carrot and courgette with kumara & black eyed bean patty pieces tossed through. No sauce tonight; just a little bit of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.

Tot Meal Three: Deconstructed Burritos

Garlic pita bread
Baked beans
tomato, carrot, cheese, cucumber and beetroot hummus

Tot Meal Four: Cheeseboard for Toddlers 

Sliced cherry tomatoes, grapes and cucumber 
Pumpkin & kumara hummus, as well as beetroot hummus
A variety of crackers and cheeses

Tot Meal Five: Muffin Tin Frittata 

Fresh beans from the garden (cooked) and pumpkin hummus 

Avocado, cucumber and tomato salad
Vegetable frittata made in a muffin tin. These are a great way to use up all those left over bits and pieces of vegetables.

Tot Meal Six: Egg Pie with a Coconut & Dragon Fruit Desset 

Courgette, red capsicum and halloumi cooked it a little bit of olive oil
Coconut yoghurt, sliced banana and chopped pieces of dragon fruit
Mini free range egg pie (baked in a muffin tin)

Tot Meal Seven: Boysenberry, Basil and Haloumi Pizza

Homemade pizza - plum sauce on the base, topped with boysenberries, fresh basil and haloumi
Homemade kumara (sweet potato) chips. I baked the kumara chips with olive oil, rosemary and a little bit of pink himalayan salt. 
Greek yoghurt for dipping 

Tot Meal Eight: Vegetarian Nachos 

Homemade gucamole and a tomato & basil salsa
baked beans and plain greek yoghurt
'nachos' a variety of kumara sliced into 'chips'. I baked them in a little bit of olive oil and rosemary; then topped with cheese.

You can find more delicious meal ideas for toddlers and preschoolers here. Looking for new ideas for your little ones lunch box? You'll find lots of fresh inspiration on our lunch box page. 

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