Matapouri Estuary - A Piece of Paradise

Matapouri estuary at full tide really is a small piece of paradise. We decided to skip the crowds at the main beach and spend the morning here instead. It's the perfect spot for toddlers to swim, play and explore. Here are a few snapshots from our visit.

My partner and little bear playing together on the beach. 

Who else remembers collecting these as a child? I always grew up calling them bunny tails. We picked a few to take home for our beach themed treasure basket I plan to make. 

Simply scooping up sand and water to add to his plastic bucket.  

Our little bear is completely fascinated with mangrove seeds at the moment. I love the expression of innocent curiosity. 

We wadded through the water down the beach, exploring as we went. My little boy was less than impressed when I wouldn't let him down to play with this friendly critter. Instead, we watched his intriguing sideways movements before continuing on down the beach. 

Turquoise blue water against lush green bush, white sand and hardly a person in sight. What more could you want? We will definitely be back to visit this magical spot again  soon.

Happy summer holidays everyone x

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