100 Gift Ideas for Tots and Kids that Aren't Toys

Looking for something a little bit different and creative for your child this Christmas? I've put together a list of 100 gift ideas that aren't your typical toys! The first section is aimed at toddlers and the second section is for slightly older children. Happy Christmas shopping x 

Gift Ideas for Toddlers 

  1. Sandpit 
  2. A bucket and spade for the sandpit
  3. Outdoor chalk board 
  4. Fruit tree or a special tree - e.g. Pohutukawa tree (NZ Christmas tree)
  5. A box of paints and a mixture of a few black and white canvas pieces
  6. A voucher for a trip to the zoo or local farm park 
  7. A torch for camping
  8. Homemade playdough and cutters 
  9. Rainbow rice
  10. Box of tissues to pull out 
  11. A large box  to play in with Christmas fairy lights pushed through the top.
  12. Duplo
  13. Audio book CD for in the car e.g. Hairy Maclary or The Gruffalo and Friends are awesome sets
  14. Balloons
  15. Homemade discovery bottles
  16. Instruments e.g. maracas, drum, xylophone 
  17. Music CD e.g. The Wiggles 
  18. A slide
  19. A personalised book
  20. Water table - I love the Step2 water tables
  21. Simple water toys - water wheel, some bottles of food colouring to colour the water, pots/pans
  22. Chalk and roll up chalk mat
  23. play tents with tunnel attached in the middle
  24. Their favourite food e.g. for our little boy that would be a box of blueberries!
  25. A voucher for an ice cream date.
  26. Bath crayons 
  27. Bubble bath - we love Pineapple Heads (all natural and smells so yummy)
  28. A personalised Christmas decoration with their name on it. There's lots on Etsy. 
  29. A paddle pool
  30. Plant a boxed garden full with strawberries so your little tot can pick their own. 
  31. Scented stickers
  32. Mini butterfly garden - a large pot, potting mix, swan plants and a couple of flower plants.
  33. Balance bike - check out Mocka or The Wooden Toy Shop
  34. An outdoor construction zone with gravel, large stones and a new truck
  35. A mud kitchen 
  36. A kite
  37. A photo album or photo frame with family photos (even little ones love looking at photos).
  38. Own tools for working outside with Dad. 
  39. Scented markers
  40. A small aquarium with tadpoles
  41. A night light e.g. Aloka night lights
  42. Magnetic letters and numbers
  43. Stamps and ink pad
  44. Liquid floor tile 
  45. Rainbow rice 
  46. Music instruments e.g. maracas, drum or xylophone
  47. Paddle pool filled with plastic balls to make a ball pit. 
  48. Mega Bloks 
  49. A swing 
  50. A new teddy bear to take on a teddy bear picnic 

Gift Ideas for Older Children 

  1. Cookies in a jar e.g. gingerbread men and a recipe to make them
  2. Voucher for an ice cream date
  3. Smoothie machine
  4. Photo frames to make an art gallery in their bedroom to display their own art.
  5. Swing ball set
  6. Cricket bat and ball
  7. A tree house
  8. Bird house
  9. Buy a star and name it after them
  10. Popcorn machine
  11. Dress up clothes/items
  12. A globe
  13. A science kit e.g. to grow crystals or build a volcano
  14. Glow sticks
  15. binoculars
  16. Hammock
  17. Popsicle molds 
  18. Insect catcher and book of insects to be able to identify the insects they catch
  19. Fort building voucher
  20. Pay for a holiday art class, music or dance class
  21. Adopt a dolphin or kiwi
  22. Candle or soap making kit
  23. A voucher for breakfast or dinner at their favourite restaurant
  24. Board games 
  25. Tickets to the movies 
  26. A magazine subscription for a year 
  27. A cupcake kit with all of the ingredients you need to make and decorate cupcakes
  28. A simple garden kit with seeds to plant, shovel, gardening gloves and watering can
  29. An ice cream sundae kit
  30. A recipe book 
  31. A pizza garden - plant herbs, tomatoes etc that can be used in a pizza. 
  32. A book voucher
  33. A magnifying glass
  34. Their own mail box and organise for someone to write a letter or send a postcard each month
  35. A special bath bomb
  36. A travel journal 
  37. A cheap digital camera on instax camera
  38. A reading light for reading in bed at night
  39. Their own cheap tent for backyard sleepovers 
  40. A slide 
  41. A craft box filled with art and craft materials
  42. Beach ball
  43. Water balloons 
  44. Lego
  45. A back pack or new pencil case
  46. Their own baking utensils - whisk, bowl, measuring spoons and cups
  47. A coupon book - voucher for a movie night, to stay up past their bedtime or hot chocolate date
  48. Paint with water books
  49. Their own table and chairs
  50. A ball of bright coloured wool and instructions for finger knitting 

Merry Christmas everyone x 

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