Our Toddler Friendly Guy Fawkes

This year we decided not to attend our local fireworks event in town because I knew by the time it was finally dark enough for fireworks that my 16 month old little boy would be asleep (or extremely over tired). Instead, we invited some friends around and had a baby, toddler and pet friendly Guy Fawkes night at home. 

I made homemade burgers for dinner and my partner picked up some hot chips to go with them from our local fish n' chip shop. My toddler's dinner consisted of a deconstructed burger of sorts and a few hot chips (it was a family night so a couple of treats were allowed tonight). 

For dessert we made ice cream sundaes. We had Tip Top's new Birthday Cake Swirl ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate or caramel sauce, strawberries and flakes. If you haven't tried the new Birthday Cake Swirl ice cream you need to - it's really yummy! 

Yesterday fireworks went on sale so I purchased our sparkler box for $10 from The Warehouse. We lit the sparklers at about 7 pm so it wasn't dark, but they still sparkled and looked pretty. My little tot constantly wanted to touch the sparkles, as you can see in the photo! 

The sparkler box also came with a Jaguar, Pot Shot and a Spiker. All of these made simple fountains and showers of sparks. 

We all had a really fun night in. It didn't cost us much and we had both happy babies, toddlers and kids, as well as happy pets.  Definitely looking forward to the public fireworks displays once our little one is a bit older, but for this year having Guy Fawkes at home worked perfectly for us. 

Happy Guy Fawkes everyone!! x 

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