Create Your Own Wheels Day

We LOVE anything to do with wheels at our house at the moment!! I decided to run with my little boy's curiosity with wheels and organised some wheels themed activities for him to explore. 

My favourite activity was the roads that took over the lounge. I used masking tape to create the roads. We have laminate flooring so it came off the floor easily. 

I placed several of my little boy's vehicles on different roads around the room. When he woke up he started exploring and pushing the cars and trucks around. Crashing them into each other is always lots of fun. 

Beep beep Buttons!! You're in the way of my tractor!! 

Outside I set up some paint and and cars to encourage some messy play! My little boy wasn't too keen on getting messy though so I think I may of had more fun than him with this activity. 

He did LOVE driving around the backyard in his Little Tikes car though!! Every time I open the door to get him out he closes it again. 

Another activity we've recently done was creating a bubble wrap road. The bubble wrap is simply taped to the floor with masking tape. Hearing the popping sounds as he drove down his 'road' made for lots of fun!

We also got out the tractor, digger, barn and animals for some farm themed play. Another one of his interests at the moment is animals so this was a favourite of his. 

Our farm themed play on the bubble wrap road. 

Happy Wheels Day everyone!! x

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