Rainbow Rice Sensory Play

This week I made my little boy a rainbow rice sensory bin. He loved exploring the rice - scooping, pouring, taste testing, picking it up in his hands and of course spreading it everywhere. Another easy to make, cheap sensory play activity that provides hours of fun! The coloured rice also keeps well in a sealed container so you can use it more than once. 

Here is how we made our rainbow rice sensory bin...  


* A large bag of white rice 
* Icing gel food colouring - red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet
 (I used the 'AmeriColor' gels from Spotlight. They worked a lot better than normal food colouring)


* 6 plastic zip lock bags to colour the rice in (or you could use a plastic container)
* Something to dry the coloured rice on e.g. large trays, plates or newspaper
* A plastic bin to store the rice in
* Plastic cups, measuring spoons, funnel and tongs for scooping, pouring and exploring


1. Scoop a large cup of rice into each of the zip lock bags. 

2. Add a couple of drops of food colouring to each bag. Remember to make sure that you put a different colour into each of the bags.

3. Zip each bag shut and mix the colouring into the rice by moving the rice around in the sealed bags. 

4. Pour the coloured rice onto separate trays or plates and leave to dry. It needs to dry for at least a couple of hours. I left mine out overnight. 

 5. Arrange the coloured rice in the plastic bin from red through to violet to make a rainbow.

6. Add cups, spoons, tongs and funnel to the plastic bin. 

7. Now for the fun part... letting your toddler scoop, pour and explore!

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