Nature Treasure Basket

My little boy has loved exploring treasure baskets since he was about six months old. They provide the perfect sensory experience for your little one and there are so many different things you can put in your treasure basket. 

I opted to create a treasure basket with all natural materials this time. I used a flax kete that I rolled down to make the basket; then lined it with a white muslin cloth. Our treasure basket included: pine cones, scallop shells, basil, parsley, mint, a lime, lemon, orange, large river stones and a feather. I made sure that all of our items were large enough to be safe to put in his mouth or that they were edible e.g. the fresh herbs. 

Everyday household items make great treasure basket items for babies to explore too. I also want to make different colour themed baskets. These are so cheap and easy to create, but provide hours of entertainment too. 

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