Discovery Bottles

Discovery bottles are inexpensive, easy to make and can be created with what you already have at home. My little boy was first introduced to discovery bottles at day care and loved them so we decided that we would make some of our own at home. 

I bought cheap plastic bottles of water from the supermarket, but you could easily use what you already have at home. Here is what we put in our four different plastic bottles:

* Different coloured craft sticks 
* Sparkly pom poms
* Pipe cleaners
* Half water and half cooking oil, then add a couple of drops of food colouring 

Other ideas for discovery bottles - cut up tissue paper, cut up cellophane, hair gel and plastic beads, buttons, different coloured ribbons, water with sliced up lemons/limes, cut up drinking straws, sand, coloured rice/pasta, paper clips/magnetic letters inside and give your child a large magnet to use on the outside to move them around, leaves, twigs, flowers, hair gel and glitter/sparkly stars, tin foil, screws/nuts/bolts. 

Please make sure that you screw the lid of your bottle on really tightly or hot glue gun the lid down to ensure it's secure. 

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